Brian Adamson

Brian has helped countless people get started in real estate by providing educational content that helps kickstart their real estate careers.
As a college student, Brian got his first taste of real estate investing with rental properties. More than 10 years later, his thirst only grows stronger. To date, he has flipped countless properties across the United States and aims for continuous growth.

Brian admits that he’s made some mistakes in the past and his primary goal is to help others avoid those same mistakes. With his experiences in mind, Brian created the Apprenticeship Program to help people turn their real estate passions and expertise into profitable income while avoiding pricey mistakes. Join a network of real estate investors that are hungry for knowledge, wealth, and success!

Podcast Summary

02:44 – How Brian got started with only 7 grand during college and how he took advantage during the market crisis

07:55 – How to take your real estate education from concept to practicality 

10:36 – What’s the big holdup in getting started on making deals (analysis by paralysis), and why there are no magic deals

13:12 – Why are contractors so unethical, and how not firing them can cost you a lot.

18:01 – How to get from point a to point B, from getting your first house deal to becoming a deal-churning machine.

21:40 – How did you end up getting into the apprenticeship and mentoring business

22:49 – The biggest pitfalls for new people coming in the business

27:06 – What is virtual wholesaling, and the main differences in the game between America and Canada.

32:24 – The contraction in the market that’s coming down the road, and the right mindset to not miss out on opportunities

37:13 – What is going to happen to the interest rates

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