Khang Le was born in Vietnam and came to America at the age of 9. He dropped out of High School at 17 and met his wife at the age of 18. He moved in with her to live in a little shack behind a Mobil home park for 5 years. He sacrifices his teens and 20’s to work on his future instead of partying and having fun. He worked at a job making $8.50/hrs and was fortunate enough to buy over a small hair extension kiosk in the mall at the age of 20. Now, he’s working 2 jobs, from the age of 20-27.

He bought his first house at the age of 23 and got into real estate at the age of 27, without knowing anything about the real estate industry. Without any construction background, NO connections, NO Experience, NO Real Estate Vocab, NOTHING, he started out as a fix and flipper. It took him 6 months of hard work before he did his very first deal, making himself 50K NET in the process. After about 3 years of flipping, he had gotten to the point where he was pretty much tabbed out to buy any more. He was working 15-16 hours a day and realized that the reason he got into real estate was not just to make money but also to have time freedom. That is how he discovered wholesaling. He completely stopped the flipping game and went full time into wholesaling, making 28K on his first wholesale deal that took about 7-10 days to close. Now, he’s doing about 250K/Month wholesaling houses virtually, working 2-3 hours/day!

Podcast Summary

01:25 –  How did Khang go from dirt-poor-living-in-a-mud-hut Vietnamese kid into high-school dropout into real estate American superstar. 

11:52 – How they bought and worked a hair-extension kiosk at the mall for seven years!

17:16 – The switch into real estate and ow they adapted when their circumstances changed.

20:44 – “I’m sad because I limited myself, that I believed I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to achieve”.

25:54 – to take or not to take a mentor while going in the fix-and-flip game.

28:20 – Time or money (or blood, sweat, and tears): The choice is yours!

30:52 – How you can make way more in wholesaling and why flix-n-flip may not be worth the hassle

37:22 – The step-by-step of virtual wholesaling: buying, selling, and closing without ever leaving your desk!

47:30 – How to get buyers in wholesale deals.

52:05 – How to get the sellers to call you.

56:35 – “It does not matter who and where you are today, what matters is who you become tomorrow”

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