Corrie Elieff is the president of Cardone Training Technologies, Inc. Canada, and the founder and CEO of YES Academy Inc. He is a visionary entrepreneur and a sales trainer with an obsessive focus to coach and lead individuals to increase their abilities in sales, communication and personal development. At the Young Entrepreneur Sales Agency (YESA), he helps develop empowered, ethical, young sales professionals and partners them with smart, progressive organizations that are intentional in their approach to sustainable growth and social responsibility.

As a progressive person and a rising force in the Direct Sales Industry, he is committed to building and participating in the largest rise of empowered, educated and ethical young professionals ever before seen in history. He often donates his time to mentor young professionals who reach out for help and likes to also ensure that his businesses serve people and the community through their projects. Originally from Port Moody, he’s established himself in Kelowna where he enjoys jet-skiing during the summer, carving up the slopes up at Big White in the winter, and spending some quality time with his partner, Meagan. 

Podcast Summary

02:45 – How Corrie teaches people how to be successful (unlike what school does).

05:24 – What is wrong with the school system and why is there a necessity for something like YESA academy?

06:36 – What is success and how people measure it.

12:14 – “Schooling should prepare people to make money. It should prepare them to understand taxes.”

17:07 – One man’s piece is another man’s war. One man’s freedom is another man’s slavery.

22:25 – The time when Corrie became a drug addict, quit it cold turkey, and ended up living in a warehouse for 8 months to get back on his feet.

27:05 – How to elevate man from his natural state of poverty and how to manufacture your ideas into the physical universe.

34:47 – Is there a GOD?

40:49 – What it takes to be successful and achieve mastery in today’s world.

44:16 – Transitioning from 6 figures to 7? Get ready to fire a lot of the people in your life.

50:42 – Do it for the love of the game, not the end goal.

53:22 – What happens when your ethics don’t come up as fast as your money.

56:12 – Why to get above a quarter-million bucks, you need a partner (as in a woman) and why she needs to quit her day job to propel YOUR success!

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Episode Resources

The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill

Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us by Donald Trump Jr.

Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone

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