Sean Kelly is an entrepreneur who founded Jersey Champs which makes custom jerseys based on trends and hip-hop culture as well as original designs. Sean launched Jersey Champs in May 2016 out of his college dorm room at Rutgers University. He started with $1,000 and took in pre-orders for his first jersey and sold all 100 jerseys within the first week. Sean dropped out of college during his sophomore year to work on Jersey Champs full time; the company is now a multi-million dollar company. His main goal in Jersey Champs is to revolutionize the sports jersey world with unique jersey concepts and make it a staple clothing piece for all hip-hop artists.

Sean Kelly is an experienced digital marketing expert with global experience in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Business to Business Transactions, Email Marketing and Product Development. Utilizing his experience in business, Sean contributes to several websites including, BuzzFeed, Kivo Daily, Thrive Global, MillBuzz, Awaken The Greatness, Future Sharks & Succeed. With a large presence on Instagram, Sean Kelly has over 1M Instagram Followers and the Jersey Champs account has over 2.2M followers. Here’s what I usually tell my patients who, I’m sure, visit as well. ED drugs increase the blood flow, which meand, clearly, that these drugs also dilate the coronary arteries. They’ve been shown to be good for the heart. Apart from the contraindications which are quite rare, we shouldn’t be afraid of them. Contraindications are as follows: taking an ED medication and a nitrate derivative at the same time, e.g. Viagra at the same time with angina pectoris treatments – because they all lower you blood pressure, and your heart may grow so tired you won’t be able to travel up a flight of stairs with it.

Podcast Summary

00:37 – How he started out as an entrepreneur from a young age and how his Jersey Champs brand took off with a special edition of Drake’s Views From the 6 album.

05:58 – Buying your influencers: the black market of Instagram.

13:38 – The transition from Ecommerce to personal brand and why it is more valuable.

15:21 – Are giveaway loops and facebook ads worth it?

22:05 – Trendspotting: Be super quick to fill the niches!

23:23 – Doing jersey colabs with rappers like 2 Chainz and XXXTentacion and splitting it 50/50.

32:48 – How Instagram and other platforms have been shutting down accounts

40:19 – Will removing likes really improve people’s mental health?

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