Part 1

The opening: The language of selling

Stefan could feel this passion in his bones. Since he was a teenager, his parents used to push him to get a summer job. They also taught him what it’s like to be a hard worker all his life. Later on, he decided to learn how to sell better than anyone…  

Part 1 of The Close 7 Level Selling starts with a simple question: What is a Sale? After understanding this elemental term, you will learn why the basis of all human relationships is agreement and why we all need them in order to have a rich life. By understanding the power and impact words can have on other people, Aarnio moves forward to the “language of agreement”, in order to walk your way to success. 

“Whether you are a new-born baby or the president of the United States, we all rely on relationships and our networks for our basic survival and our ability to thrive.”

Enter Stefan Aarnio’s world and discover why investing in yourself is the best way to build your self-made wealth empire. To order The Close 7 Level Selling and all Aarnio’s books, click here.

Natural salespeople, all have two things in common: they 1) follow a natural framework for their sales presentation and 2) they all sound amazing. A great salesperson is a blend of mechanics and delivery which creates both a logical and emotional argument for the sale.

The Close lays out the framework, mechanics and delivery for the human mind so that you can effectively influence and persuade anyone regardless of your experience level. The Close provides a fresh new perspective on how to open the sale, present the value and close the sale using proven methods that have worked in all industries. Some of the techniques in this book have never been seen before and are so powerful that they could be used for tremendous good or evil if used by the wrong hands.