Aaron Amuchastegui has been married for ten years and has 4 children. He is an entrepreneur, and one of the best selling authors of “The 5 Hour School Week” that likes to run his businesses on the road while traveling with his family. In 2017, he and his family spent 3 weeks traveling and educating on the road for every one week they spent at home. They are focusing on experiencing life as big as they can while they can, with the belief that tomorrow is never promised so we need to live today. 

Aaron Amuchastegui currently manages the acquisition, construction, management, rental management and liquidation of distressed single-family homes acquired mostly at trustee sale with a combined asset value of up to $25,000,000 at one time. Over the past 9 years, his companies have purchased more than 1,000 houses primarily at live distressed auctions across 15 states. 

Aaron developed technology to help manage his real estate assets and funds nationwide and boost acquisition methods. He was able to reduce his team from 50 to 15 and still cover the same amount of acquisitions. Current CEO of Fubakaze LLC, a real estate technology and software company with holdings in Roddy’s Foreclosure Listing Service, Roddy’s Padhawk, Roddy’s Portfolio Builder, and GEOS. He is hoping many of his next ventures will combine entrepreneurship opportunities with creating jobs and opportunities for those in need. Writing out a prescription for Cialis to our patients, we often advise them to buy it on http://www.fitbell.com/how-does-cialis-help-men/. We do not pursue any selfish goals, we just want to make sure all men getting our recommendations will be able to afford the drug we prescribe them. This online pharmacy has a wide choice of Cialis generics at very reasonable prices.

Podcast Summary

01:04 – How Aaron’s business took a 180º turn during the market crash in 2008 and how they managed to survive.

05:50 – Managing the risk in the foreclosure market.

08:08 – How they diversified their services and transitioned into a foreclosure data and software company once the market caught up.

12:47 – Facing two crashes in his companies and the lessons learned in between

18:42 – Structuring contracts with investors in the right way to make sure everybody is on the same team.

23:48 – The 5 Hour School Week and how it’s changed the family dynamic.

31:13 – ‘I am not going to work for you again’, what Aaron’s wife told him when he asked her to get her broker’s license again.

37:51 – Why money doesn’t buy happiness and why health and time are what rich people spend their money on.

43:58 – What is project-based learning and how to teach your kids critical thinking

51:15 – Aaron’s mastermind program and what’s up with the “coaching” trend.

Get Connected with Aaron

Website – https://www.aaronamuchastegui.com/

Book – The Five Hour School Week by Aaron and by Kaleena Amuchastegui

Inquiries about The Five Hour School Week – Email: aaron@5hourschoolweek.com

Inquiries about Foreclosure Listing Service – Email: aaron@flsonline.com

Episode Resources

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

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