Chapter 5

Attack of the Man Boys

How do we know when a boy becomes a man in this modern society? Without the rites of passage from our ancestors and the struggles of past generations, many of our young children get stuck in the victim mentality and never fully develop into grown men. Age is just a number and it doesn’t reflect your true experience or manhood in this world. Nevertheless, when a boy decides to take ownership of his actions and stops putting the blame on others, this is when he becomes a man…

In this chapter of Hard Times Create Strong Men, titled Attack Of The Man-boys, Stefan digs under the hood of one of the biggest missing ingredients in today’s families: ownership. Through the destruction of the family over the last seventy years, mankind has spawned a zombie swarm of man-boys who are unable to look after themselves, let alone raise a family. Learn why to be a self-made man is not about money, but about the unconquerable soul of man.

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Inside this book you’ll discover the secrets of discipline, freedom, adventure, and responsibility, distilling history’s wisdom into one practical and profound book. Stefan Aarnio shatters the modern myths of science, faith, and human nature, while feeding the mind and lifting the spirit of his readers.