What would you do if we told you can help and coach other people to generate millions in sales? Nothing makes our today’s guest happier than watching honest, dedicated business owners achieve their dreams. Over the past years, Ajit Nawalkha has built and sold numerous companies, online brands of coaches, authors, speakers, and online educators. He has co-founded and lead amazing companies like Mindvalley Teach towards massive growth, Evercoach, and Global Grit Institute, to teach the world what it is like to live extraordinary, fulfilling, happy lives.

Ajit is a firm believer that in order to live an inspiring life and have true relationships, you must surround yourself with people who inspire you to be a better human being. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Book of Coaching and Live Big, where Ajit shares why having your own mindset can get you closer to your goals and the importance of emotional, spiritual, and mental power to fight the ups and downs of business.

Ajit has consulted several other companies to achieve 30% – 100% growth year-on-year. Ajit helps to create more time freedom for entrepreneurs, and create systems that would allow growth in companies at a rapid pace. Thanks to precision and excellence, Ajit is an expert in building and training on systems that virtually “run by themselves”; he is the brain behind many successful businesses that are household names. 

Learn with us Ajit’s biggest passion and purpose in life: help entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and coaches create a positive impact in the world. 

Podcast Summary

01:29 – Growing up in middle-class India, sharing a house with 23 people, Ajit’s interest to grow internet companies and live in abundance. 

05:38 – Mindvalley, personal excellence and Edutech company to grow your consciousness and become a high performer.

09:47 – How to get people to complete online programs by tracking their progress, assigning small tasks to them, and creating a sense of community.

14:06 – The science and technology behind creating an effective online learning environment.

17:15 – Focusing on delivering a quality product rather than selling it, and aiming for the long run when starting a business.

26:30 – Where online programs fall short and where actual coaching kicks in.

29:51 – Evercoach, the company that teaches you how to become a better coach, and Global Grit Institute, the consulting firm that solidifies companies and develops them in the long run.

33:25 – The inherent laziness of human nature and why people look for results with minimal effort.

37:36 – AI-based learning and other areas of the workforce that may be replaced by robots in the future.

41:39 – The possibility for AI mind hacking and body hacking, and the effect it may have on humanity.

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Evercoach by Mindvalley

Global Grit Institute

Live Big by Ajit Ankwalkha

Episode Resources

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Code of the Extraordinary Man by Vishen Lakhiani

The Righteous Men by Sam Bourne

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