Confession #2

Your Brand New Education Is Obsolete

What should we do when we realize our dreams are dead? 

Stefan’s rock band sank like the Titanic and with that, he felt empty and exhausted. He didn’t move, didn’t shower and felt like no sleep at all. Some people would say he was depressed, but he called it burnout. 

“I felt like an obsolete computer that had been tossed in the trash bin. I had been a loyal and compliant machine; I had faithfully gone down the assembly line of the entire education system from kindergarten through high school graduation and on to a post-secondary degree. I had gone to school; I had gotten a degree and I had a ‘good’ job just like I was told.”

After the great disappointment, Stefan was the only thing he didn’t aspire to be: an average guy. 

You may know that average is dangerous, but extraordinary is where the fortune lies. After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad in his mother’s couch, real estate became his new rock’n’roll.

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What does it take to become a self-made millionaire?, What are the steps you have to take today to achieve this dream?, Is it possible for you?
Many have wondered, few have succeeded…

Self Made: Confessions of a Twenty-Something Self Made Millionaire follows the real-life story of Stefan Aarnio (award-winning real estate investor and entrepreneur) through the struggle of starting out with zero cash, zero credit and zero experience in his pursuit of financial freedom.

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