Let’s face this fact: we are living in the digital era more than ever before. Everything, absolutely everything can be sold on Instagram, and even if you think you have your brand in control and is doing its best performance with online marketing strategies, there are experts that know exactly how to play this game and win. Our guest for today’s show knows all about digital strategies, online marketing consulting and putting your business as high as it can be, with help from influencers like Kim Kardashian and Gary Vaynerchuk. If you want to discover the secrets and benefits from influencers to grow your business (trust us, Fyre Festival got some things right), stay with us to hear Shane Barker’s story. 

Barker is a personal branding and influencer marketing instructor at UCLA. He is recognized in the influencer scene and has seen how over the past seven years, this industry is constantly evolving and changing, giving him the opportunity to learn every time and improve his marketing skills. He has been a keynote speaker at multiple prestigious conferences like the Influencer Marketing Days Conference, Influencer Marketing Hub, and Influencer Marketing Summit Mexico.

As an online marketing expert, Shane is convinced that all experiences in the entrepreneurial journey are foundational, even when a business fails. In this Respect the Grind episode, you will learn all about Shane’s career as an entrepreneur, how he manages his multiple businesses ventures from retail early on, the full scope into online marketing and influencer marketing, and his epic story worthy of a Big Short sequel (involving legal defense against lenders). Shane Barker knows the importance of Respecting the Grind. Discover why, above all, he is a top content contributor at INC. Magazine and Forbes, to name just a few.

Podcast Summary

00:54 – How he got started in digital marketing and his background as an entrepreneur in the retail and restaurant space.

03:39 – The evolution from trading business, into an educational or software business and the “gym membership” model.

07:39 – His multiple business ventures including a company providing legal defense against lenders and banks.

09:30 – The time when Shane got sued by the attorney general for 65 million dollars, and how he fought back with the help of an insurance company. 

21:06 – How being portrayed as a con artist by the media led him into digital marketing and SEO to improve his own google search results.

28:41 – How he got started in the influencer space and helped Zoe Rodriguez skyrocket her Ebook business.

39:54 – Shane’s workshops and the great benefits of influencer marketing and how to use them to support your business.

44:11 – Taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge on the internet and getting educated before grinding it out.

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Episode Resources

Build a Better Booty by Zoe Rodriguez

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

10% Happier by Dan Harris

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