Chapter 6

The Invention Of The Teenager And De-evolution Into “Emerging Adults”

After World War II, a new world order was established with America as the center of the universe. American culture invaded other countries for economic gain, and this made America a world exporter of not just goods, services, money and debt, but also culture. One of America’s biggest exports during this era of newfound wealth and surplus was a new kind of citizen ready to wreak havoc on society: the teenager.

In this chapter of Hard Times Create Strong Men, Stefan explores the birth of the teenager and how it led to the deferral of adulthood, also known as the emerging adult. The continuous struggle for adults in this generation is to “find themselves” and their perfect match. And how the constant quest for happiness and fulfillment leaves many men in between things and never allowing them to reach their full potential…

Why not. instead of trying to find yourself, you define yourself, make yourself and create yourself as you go. Draw a line in the sand, claim yourself and say: this is who I want to become. This is how I shall live today. Who are you to be today?

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Inside this book you’ll discover the secrets of discipline, freedom, adventure, and responsibility, distilling history’s wisdom into one practical and profound book. Stefan Aarnio shatters the modern myths of science, faith, and human nature, while feeding the mind and lifting the spirit of his readers.