Everyone has a friend that is an expert in something, besides our most passionate pet lover friend. Our guest for today’s show is both. He is a true master turning companies around and he can even offer a money-back guarantee if things don’t work out for you. Chris ‘Bulldog’ Collins is the world’s #1 bulldog lover and he is absolutely sure that if you are consistent on playing by your own rules and turning your trials into strengths, you can definitely learn to turn your biggest passion into a lifestyle and your ideas into pure gold. 

Chris Collins grew up with a pastor-missionary stepfather that led him to become a missionary kid, and after years of being his father figure, he disappeared one day in the middle of the night, leaving Chris and his mom with literally nothing. From being a general manager at BMW to running his own personal brand, Chris Collins Inc, the ‘Bulldog’ is now a business outlaw and entrepreneur coach plugging solid systems into his clients’ businesses to help them have a commitment with success and personal excellence. 

Chris will share with us in this episode how he realized the only way to coach others was to change their mindset; why running a successful business has everything to do with leadership and the art of flipping companies vs. flipping houses. Chris is sure that if you do business just for the sake of money, you’re doing it wrong. Stay with us while we chat with the Bulldog and discover why good business is all about pursuing your passion, thinking big and educating yourself when it comes to finances.

Podcast Summary

01:29 – How Chris got his entrepreneurial spirit turning around businesses in only 90 days.

04:50 – Why ‘changing your mindset’ is the key teaching in business coaching.

06:48 – Flipping houses vs. flipping companies (Part 1): the step-by-step process and key differences between each other.

17:46 – Bringing the expectations up and getting rid of excuses: why the fear of success cripples us even more than fear of failure.

21:59 – Achieving your goals through life coaching and personal development.

25:48 – What is the difference between losers and top performers? Work ethic and effort level.

32:10 – Flipping companies (Part 2): coming up with a plan and putting the concepts into practice.

44:59 – Think big and learn how to do financial statements. 

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Episode Resources

Winning Through Intimidation by Robert Ringer

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