Brandon Dawson founded his first company at 28 years-old and learned everything about raising money from high net worth individuals, private equity firms and strategic partnerships. He knows investors are bored of listening to the same tales from start-up presentations. What investors really want is to invest in people that see a passion for them and their ideas. Our today’s guest is on a constant look-out to reinvent himself and the businesses he owns in this accelerating world. After losing his first company, Brandon Dawson has focused on empowering business owners to take control of their lives, create value for themselves in the best personal, professional and financial way possible.

Brandon is a serial entrepreneur that created systems once he saw companies lacked, and he ended up making great businesses with amazing returns. He has created a unique, variable-expense shared-services delivery model with one purpose and passion: supporting independent business owners that want to become more profitable and to grow or expand their growth and markets. Brandon helps people and businesses grow in two days, literally. Our today’s guest is sure money doesn’t flow to people with education or skills, it flows to people who solve big problems. 

Discover how Brandon went from driving tractors for the New York Elite to acquire 25 million USD of businesses, and the importance of not leading your presentation with your end game but with your deepest passion. Brandon Dawson looks at obstacles as opportunities to solve problems, and he is nailing it.

Podcast Summary:

01:07 – How Brandon became the CEO of a publicly Canadian listed company when he was only 26.

03:17 – Brandon’s way to manage and accomplish a Million Dollar Goal.

06:14 – Why your planned presentation to investors is only causing you to lose credibility.

09:13 – Driving tractors for the New York elite and how Brandon acquired 25 million USD of businesses.

19:56 – Hired to get fired in six months.

24:39 – Being a hero at a company and still hoping to afford a burger.

27:33 – Why Brandon is all about solving problems, building systems and clapping back.

29:37 – Finding love as the Hearing-Aid King.

33:26 – Why the age gap is not an issue in Brandon’s relationship.

35:41 – How Brandon helps people and businesses grow in two days.

40:42 – How private equity groups are taking advantage of you.

43:38 – An advice from Brandon, how to look at obstacles and how to spend your youth.

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Episode Resources

Beyond Positive Thinking by Robert N. Anthony 

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell 

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

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