Success can come in many forms, but there isn’t a more marvelous way for success to be presented to us than this man: Grant Cardone. For those who don’t know who Grant is, he is an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finances. He is the author of the famous 10X Rule and creator of 21 best-selling business programs. Cardone is here to make success our duty, our responsibility, our obligation, and to help us rise above all the outdated, unworkable, middle-class myths and limitations, to achieve freedom in the best form we can for ourselves and our families. 

Beginning as a bestselling book, Cardone’s 10X movement started in 2011, and a few years after great success, he decided it was time to bring more sugar and spice into his life, and he has just nailed it since then. Cardone has been named one of the Top 10 Snapchat Business Gurus worldwide and Forbes #1 Marketing Influencer, to name just a few titles. He has worked with companies like Google, Sprint, Toyota, GM, Ford and thousands more, besides operating and directing several companies that give him annual revenues exceeding $100 million dollars. 

Our today’s guest is a hard worker and an individual who knows why you gotta respect the grind to achieve your goals and dreams. In this episode, we will learn from the great Grant Cardone why it’s okay to show off and think big (despite what other people tell you); why focusing on reaching millions of people is way better than putting energy on that one client that rejected you; Showing up and getting better every day, getting recognition, and elevating the questions you ask yourself. Grant Cardone went from being broke, selling cars and making 2K a month, to become the best-selling business program creator and internationally recognized guru he is today, and he is damn certain that YOU can do it too!

Podcast Summary 

00:35 – What Grant Cardone is all about and why you gotta respect the grind.

02:03 – Haters are gonna hate, but Grant is here to teach us why it’s okay to show off and think big.

06:23 – What went down in GC’s interview with Jordan Belfort, and elevating the questions you ask yourself.

12:31 – Transcending from the door-knocking or phone-dialing phase, become a personal brand, and looking for the big spikes or surges.

15:22 – Retargeting and going global: How are YOU going to reach 7 billion people?

18:16 – Why being ‘not interested’ is a level of interest.

20:54 – ‘Everybody’s gotta start somewhere, the question is, do you want to stay there?’

22:43 – Why Grant sold his house to invest in himself and is still renting to this day.

26:09 – The ROI on education, why banks want you to “save” your money, and why planning for retirement is utter bullshit.

30:45 – ‘Learn how to work, think about getting rich, think about becoming a billionaire.’

37:08 – Why in order to succeed you gotta show up, get better every day, and get recognition. 

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