Greg Reid has published more than 80 books and 34 of them have been best sellers. Our guest for today is a motivational keynote speaker, author, and adventurer, ready to take you through a journey where everything is possible and let you know that the true meaning of wealth is not entirely about money, but about time and land mixed up. If you’re looking for the key to success, stay with us as we have a chat with this Ted Talk Award-Winning Keynote Speaker and you discover that whatever you seek, is also seeking you. Have your eyes on the prize and take action just as Dr. Greg did. 

Besides having written endless bestsellers, such as Wealth Made Easy, Stickability, and Three Feet from Gold, Dr. Greg Reid received his honorary Ph.D. in literature and he is convinced that you don’t have to be a millionaire to be a hero. This master storyteller knows there’s a big difference between being a best-selling and a back-selling author. Greg has secured his books having a regular spot on Barnes & Noble’s shelves, by talking to the owners of this big library chain. Ready to learn the power of perseverance?

In this episode, we will talk with this natural entrepreneur internationally known for his giving spirit, and his talent for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts, just as he does with his books, that have been translated into 45 different languages. Dr. Reid will show us what are the things real billionaires are doing that you are not, and why he doesn’t give a shot about how the universe keeps teasing us due to our mindset. Learn how to surround yourself with positive mental attitude people, and how this will help you achieve all your goals. 

Podcast Summary

01:00 – Meeting Greg Reid, the dyslexic best-selling author and his secret to success.

03:39 – ‘Being a best-selling author is cute and all, but being a back selling author is a pretty gangster.’

10:01 – Behind the scenes: the badass that creates prosperity and wealth.

11:24 – How to write 84 books and end up in the Hall of Fame.

13:14 – The exponential nature of the media and how to impact real-life heroes.

17:30 – How Greg went from being rejected by 268 different people to interview the most powerful people on Earth.

21:31 – How to make other people give their own savings to you with a smile on their faces.

23:03 – Why time + land equals wealth to Dr. Greg. 

25:44 – Embracing your lack and finding opportunities in disguise.

31:17 – The No Bullshit Secret to Wealthiness and things real billionaires do that you are not doing.

36:57 – Why Greg doesn’t give a crap about and how the Universe is constantly teasing you due to your mindset.

40:32 – Why applying what we already know will lead to the Universe rewarding you.

41:59 – Finding your Positive Mental Attitude and surrounding yourself with the right people is key to achieve your goals.

43:13 – Why you should never look for other people’s opinions.

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Episode Resources

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall

The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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