Michael Blank is a Virginia based Sales King: He has all the secrets to raising money when buying your first apartment building. Husband and father of 4 children, our today’s guest is a full-time entrepreneur, investor and personal coach with a huge passion for helping others achieve financial freedom. Michael is convinced real estate investing is the greatest even for investors without experience. Listen to this episode as he shares with us all about Investment returns, cash flow, and money recycling as the most attractive features of the market.

With Michaels’s training programs you can achieve financial freedom in less than 5 years, by investing in apartment building deals with a very special focus: raising money. Michael Blank owns a company called Nightawk Equity, where he controls over 65 million dollars in performing multifamily assets across the US. Author of the best-selling book Financial Freedom With Real Estate Investing and host of the Apartment Building Investing Podcast, he is also a regular writer for Bigger Pockets and FlipNerd’s REI Classroom. 

In this episode, we will learn all about platform building, how to get your audience to trust you and the power of podcasting as a platform to impact and influence people all around the world. Plus, the toughness of selling books with all the content creation and distribution channels out there, and the new marketing way to create duality and target niches. Discover why this software developer changed his destiny to sell apartment buildings and is now helping others achieve their financial dreams.

Podcast Summary

01:25 – Why selling books is tough and the importance of building a platform.

06:36 – How to sell 8,000 books: consistency, persistence and growing your list.

13:32 – How a good book can become a business card and help you connect with people.

14:55- The power of a podcast as a platform to impact and influence people.

18:33 – Repelling and attracting listeners: what’s your core message?

20:18 – The new way to market: creating dualities and targeting niches.

23:17 – Building a passion project and becoming a thought leader.

27:17- How Michael helps people change their mindset and find their natural skills in the real estate market.

32:49 – Stellar returns, recycling money and not paying taxes. Who wouldn’t want that?

38:09 – The missing piece in the real estate puzzle: identifying your stage.

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