How do we know when it is time for our companies to grow? How do we know if our managers, employees and clients are doing great with our internal culture and our services? Some may say employees are the workforce, but they are more than that. Today we are changing our work mindset and taking a wider look into the future. Stan Slap, our today’s guest, is an expert in developing and improving the best environment and work culture around companies to grow. From small to large and big companies like Microsoft, this internationally-renowned thought leader is here to help you focus on your goals and share how he is making a difference in the world.

Stan Slap is a New York Times, Wall St. Journal and USA Today best-selling author (just to name a few) for the books Bury My Heart at a Conference Room B and Under the Hood. By making a name for himself over the past years, Slap has achieved impressive metrics impact for companies like Google, Facebook, HSBC and Time Warner. He has been a keynote speaker in global conferences, presenting solutions in over 70 countries around the world. Slap is absolutely convinced the most successful people are usually the most focused, and that focusing on your goals doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself in only doing one thing. Nevertheless, putting extra time an energy in your biggest passion, will lead you to places you never imagined. 

Our chat today with Stan lays the cards on the table and points the evident: He knows you can’t write a book about something you don’t know, and you have to make a big commitment on promoting your work once its done to have good results. Learn with us why people want to belong to groups, projects and companies that make a positive impact in the world, and the importance of making your internal culture a place where your people feel like they are growing instead of looking for other jobs. If you thought the classic business thinking was still on the board, you better start studying the new work-culture trends. 

Podcast Summary 

01:39 – The importance of internal culture and how to make your employees protect your company.

03:11 – How Stan wrote a book to position himself and what it takes to write a bestseller.

07:11 – Why you don’t need a schedule to write as long as you get your work done.

10:07 – Killer playlists and creating an atmosphere: Stan’s writing ritual.

12:47 – How music, acting, writing and other forms of art help even introverts to put themselves out there.

16:27 – The Steven Spielberg Principle and why rhythm is relevant in music and literature.

19:08 – How passion and the pursuit of a better world keep even the smallest businesses alive.

24:18 – Focus is not a synonym for limitation and the reason it is key to be successful.

28:22 – How internal inefficiencies and a defenseless customer’s culture caused the doom of a valuable brand.

33:32 – Understanding culture behavior and how you can prevent your company’s downfall.

36:42 – The huge difference between a small, medium and a large company. 

41:01 – Listening to what you hear in your head and never letting success kill your passion.

45:04 – Back to the Garage, acknowledging the chronology of things and aspiring to be great. 

47:38 – The reason classic business thinking is now obsolete and the threat lurking in the business world: irrelevancy.

50:21 – How showing empathy to your customers and helping them through hard times will lead them to repay you with love and gratefulness.

54:38 – Why you should only use business as a vehicle to make the world a better place.

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