Sometimes we end up in the wrong path of life and have to start from zero, depending on each individual’s situation. Whether we hit rock bottom financially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, every crash can be painful and challenging, but it strongly depends on us to own this situation as a motivation motor to go back not for more, but for all. Our today’s guest is the living proof of the burn and rise of a phoenix: Trevor McGregor has worked with clients from all around the world, including high executives, real estate investors, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, and multiple business professionals and all of them have one thing in common: They want a life-changing transformation, just like Trevor’s. 

Trevor McGregor used to be in the restaurant industry until he lost it all back in 2011. After struggling with that big failure, he entered the real estate industry, and in an impressively fast way, Trevor paid both his and his parents’ loans with an impressive cash flow portfolio. That was when he decided to start walking the business coaching path to help companies and individuals transform their lives. The equation? Mindset and modeling to achieve success and teach people to focus on their goals. Trevor was a Master Platinum Coach with the famous Tony Robbins Group, and he offers elite coaching, unlike any other program in the world. He holds assets in his portfolio that include single-family homes in Vancouver and multi-family apartment buildings in Texas, Memphis and South Carolina, and self-storage units in Key West Florida, co-owns a Luxury Resort Center in Costa Rica and the list goes on and on. 

In today’s episode, we will get to know Trevor’s hard work, how he went through the grind until he got where he is today, when and how he discovered cash flow and the differences there are between being a life coach and being a business coach. Plus, how to turn decades into days bypassing your mentor’s learning curve much faster than he did, what are the three things guiding us through life, and the 7-Step Blueprint to Extraordinary Success. If you are getting shitty answers, you better start asking better questions. Change your state, your story and your strategy with this episode of Respect The Grind. 

Podcast Summary 

01:10 – Tough times call for tough measures: how Trevor went through the grind to get to where he is now.

03:57 – How Trevor discovered cash flow and went from rock bottom to paying all his failed loans in only two and a half years.

11:24  – The difference between a life coach and a business coach.

13:22 – Turning decades into days: taking advantage of someone else’s life experience. 

15:17 – The 7-Step Blueprint to Extraordinary Success: Step 1, limiting beliefs.

20:25 – A broken model, an unfair system and the new movement of specified learning.

22:40 – Steps 2, 3 and 4: clarity, operational systems and building your network.

29:27 – Step 5: the 168 rule and managing your time as rich people do.

32:15 – Step 6: finding the one thing you are truly good at.

35:54 – The Ready, Fire, Aim Approach: Step 7.

38:30 – How a growth mindset and contributing to people can help you achieve personal fulfillment.

42:37 – Kill your ego and embrace an attitude of gratitude.

48:48 – Are you getting shitty answers? Then ask better questions. 

50:39 – Stop being a victim! How to change your state, your story, and your strategy.

54:47 – Trevor’s onion analogy and the struggle of not finding your purpose in life.

58:32 – The importance of communities and how Trevor, Stefan, and many other mentors aim to end suffering.

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