For those who think overnight success really exists, there is some news for you: you better get rid of that idea in your head. Behind every artist entering the spotlight and exploding all over media, there are years of effort and struggle, knocking on label doors, dozens of castings made, marketing plans, and constant look-out for signing contracts. Once we realize we can do it all independently, and still get the support of your audience, it’s only a matter of time to overcome these situations and transform them into challenges. Our today’s guest is an independent artist that owns her own corporation, her masters and all the copyright to her material. Get to know Joy Villa and how she took action and control of her life, marking her own steps to success.

In 2017, Villa outsold Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Adele, thanks to time managing and appealing music with strong messages. After long years of starting her career, she decided it was time to make a name for herself, and having time is more important to do that than money. Besides making music and becoming a #1 Billboard Rock artist, she is a GOP Strategist and Speaker and promoter of a vegan and fitness lifestyle. She is a strong Trump supporter, sees him as a strong paternal figure, believes honesty is crucial these days and is not afraid of what other people think. 

In this episode, we will chat with Joy about her ten-year-overnight-success, what its like to be an entrepreneur in the music industry and why knowing how much your time is worth is elemental for people to know your true value and pay what your work deserves to be paid. Joy knows there’s nothing wrong with acting like a diva and she uses her music to send a message. Stay with us as we discover Joy’s dark facet in her life and how she took action and move on, and why hard times also create strong women. 

Podcast Summary 

01:01 – Over ten years in the making: Joy Villa, the overnight success.

03:39 – The secret behind Joy’s relevance: calculated timing and appealing music.

08:20 – Producing art, entering the grind, moving on, and watching your art boom.

10:20 – The entrepreneur’s life: mo’ money, mo’ problems.

14:11 – Time managing, prioritizing your activities and the reason why there is nothing wrong with acting like a diva.

17:48 – On star power, making THEM come to YOU, and knowing your worth.

22:54 – Why Joy uses her music to send a message, why people nowadays are weak and brainwashed, and the reasons she is a proud Donald Trump supporter.

37:32 – Joy’s tortuous but loving family and how it impacted her art and her life as a kid.

40:04 – The darkness, and how Joy crashed and burned.

46:28 – Hard times also create strong women, Joy’s take on Stefan’s book.

52:27 – Today’s spiritual warfare and creating your own problems. Are you hunting down a lion?

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Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard

Tender is the Night by. F Scott Fitzgerald

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