Are we finally coming to an era where the apocalypse is near and we should be moving to another planet, just like movies have predicted it? Our today’s guest has seen the future multiple times. G Michael Hopf is the author of the acclaimed and international bestselling post-apocalyptic series The New World. He also has authored dozens of other post-apocalyptic and western novels and he is convinced good times create weak men and that it only occurs every 80 or 90 years. He is an expert in historical cycles and is pretty sure 2020 is the year of civil war. 

Geoff lives with his family in San Diego, California and he is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, and he is here to teach us some major cycle lessons: The first 80-year cycle refers to how relevant warlike events take place, like the WWII and the US Civil War, and the second one refers to the change in political systems that happen every 250 years. This guy believes we are heading to the end of democracy in the US and that disarming population could be a bad idea, that nothing is for free and when people tell you is for free, it can always end up in tyranny. 

From post-apocalyptic stories to developing strategies for resistance, this guy is a true believer in the power of storytelling, holding on to the truth and why we should be moving to another planet a while ago. Discover in this episode how educational systems have brainwashed, discouraged and disable your people, the reason sometimes we feel lack meaning and purpose, feel lonely, and how to channel struggle to grow as human beings, and the perfect moment to publish your written work and show it to the world. 

Podcast Summary 

00:33 – Geoff, the OG strong man, and the pendulum phenomenon.

05:54 – 2020: the year of civil war and the fall of the soyboys. 

08:12 – Historical cycles and why Geoff believes we are heading to the end of democracy in the US. 

13:51 – Why having the military backing you up as a leader is crucial, and why handing out small firearms to people is important to resistance. 

20:09 – Hammering out words: how Geoff started his writing career. 

24:16 – How to sell a book with Geoff Hopf: Referrals, engaging with your readers and actually writing something good.

27:38 – The importance of being a storyteller and the reason Stefan’s book is so relevant today. 

32:51 – The truth is the truth, standards are not meant to be bypassed, and diversity doesn’t make us stronger. 

36:51 – Good men, strong women, and the tough pursuit of meaning. 

44:27 – Earth? That is so boring. Let’s all go to Mars.

47:24 – On Elon Musk and his take on education: a new system for real human beings.

53:49- How educational systems have brainwashed, discouraged and practically disabled young people.  

57:51 – Should you go with a publisher or go straight to self-publishing?

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Episode Resources

Pendulum by Roy H. Williams

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose

Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein

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