Have you ever felt like your own worst enemy?
Or felt like something is holding you back and although you can’t quite pinpoint it, you know it’s internal?
Do you feel like something happened to you, long ago, that is still hurting you now?
You’re not alone, and you’re not wrong. It’s real.
Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. Warren Buffett
You have been programmed, like a robot by parents, school, society, work and the media.
And now that you have committed to a path of business success, there’s a lot at stake.
If you don’t identify the programs that are holding you back, you will fail. Even worse, you’ll say it was inevitable. You’ll feel like you were never meant to succeed. It’s damaging to more than your finances and future, it can destroy your self-worth.
So what’s the real problem here? Why do you feel this way?
There’s a name for the programs that have been holding you back: habits.
Habits are programs. Programs that embed themselves because we repeated them over time.
Most people can admit to at least a couple of bad habits like eating poorly or juvenile fixations like nail-biting. But those harmless habits you can admit to are NOT the ones holding you back…
You are being held hostage by habits you don’t even know you have!
An important characteristic of a habit is that it’s automatic. We don’t always recognize habits in our own behavior. About 40% to 45% of what we do every day sort of feels like a decision, but it’s actually habit. 
Basically, you have deep programming that is creating habits you don’t even notice. Those are the habits most likely to be obstacles to your success.
Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. Vince Lombardi
Your family, friends, business partners, and/or boss can’t help you. Sure, they want to help, but they can’t even identify their own bad habits much less help you with yours. And let’s not forget, if you’re being honest, some of them are actually to blame for your own bad habits in the first place.
And again, when we say “bad habits” we don’t mean forgivable behavior like being a loud talker or forgetting to put the toilet seat down.
The worst habits plague higher-level parts of your identity: integrity, loyalty, and preparedness.
You can reprogram yourself!
The good news is, once a habit is replaced with something positive and productive, the new good habit can take hold and benefit you forever! Making success feel effortless. 
And although change might seem hard, studies show that creating a new habit is not as hard as people think. So there’s more than just hope for you, it’s very possible to re-program yourself and start seeing benefits quickly.
As an author, researcher, successful entrepreneur, and coach, I’ve had the distinct vantage point of both operator and mentor for many years now. I’ve helped thousands of people online, at events, and privately achieve their business goals. So I know from experience that there are hidden chains keeping you stuck in some, or many, areas of your business or career. I also know how to undo the damage your habits might have already done and create new, healthy habits.
Quality is not an act, it is a habit. Aristotle
But before you can program yourself for achievement, self worth, and freedom…
…you need to identify those deep-rooted, hidden habits that you have always suspected have been holding you back.
But years of therapy, guru’s “RA RA” retreats, and self help books aren’t going to help. And if you’ve already tried those things, you know why: they are generic and temporary. Nothing is designed to help your unique set of habits AND you only feel good while you are participating. There is never any lasting change.
That’s why I have developed something radically new that is designed to help you identify exactly what has been holding you back…
And give you the tools to destroy bad habits and replace them with “profit programs” that you can get you lasting benefits in the real world
What I have created is not a seminar, course, or book…it’s something very new.
And once you experience it, you’ll never be the same. That’s because it’s tailored to you, and only you.
Even better, it will transform more than just your habits. It will unlock your full potential so you can earn what you are worth, inspire people around you, and finally live and act as your best self.
Remember, your habits are NOT the real you — the real you has something special and unique to give the World but is being thwarted by programs you can’t even recognize that are working against you, automatically (usually embedded there by someone else or the status quo).
The real you is not a collection of destructive habits. The real you has a “wealth profile” that can achieve great things (that maybe even you did not expect).
If you’re serious about knowing yourself better than ever and giving yourself the advantage you know you deserve, then go to WealthPotentials.com right now.
You’ll discover your unique wealth profile, release yourself from the chains of deep-rooted programming, and unlock your potential.