Finding motivation within ourselves is sometimes a bit difficult, however, it is just a matter of time for us to realize motivation can’t be anywhere but inside ourselves. Our today’s guest grew up watching the University of Georgia football games with his family and very soon decided how he wanted to achieve all his dreams. Walk with us as we discover how Candler Cook came up with the greatest tool kit to overcome obstacles in life, and the perfect recipe to achieve goals: intrinsic motivation, making concrete steps, holding yourself accountable and finally, hitting your end goal. 

Candler Cook grew up as a football player and he always dreamed of becoming part of his favorite football team. One of his biggest struggles as he began to get closer to that goal was not being strong enough, fast enough and heavy enough to achieve first division. The result of that: Eat up to 15K calories every day just to gain weight and achieve the goal of this life. Cook is the living proof that finding something that excites that much, is enough to keep working towards until the end. Believe Cook when he tells you, efforts will slowly show up and the view will clear up eventually. 

In this episode, we will learn how Cook went from being an underdog to being a bulldog, and writing a book about it; the correct way to look at goals to achieve them, and why ‘not having time’ is the most stupid and lamest excuse you can say to not get things done. We know for a fact that no one can be really motivated about everything, still, every human on this planet has at least two or three things that you are really, really excited about. Prepare your pen and paper and start making that motivation list to get things done this 2020!! Listen to this episode with Candler Cook and discover the evident: things that come easy, aren’t satisfying at all. 

Podcast Summary 

01:10 – From underdog to bulldog: the importance of finding motivation within yourself and not in others.

05:19 – What do you know about commitment if you haven’t eaten 15K calories A DAY to reach your goal?

11:53 – Candler’s first taste of success and how he got inspired to write not just a memoir, but a blueprint to help others.

15:25 – On intrinsic motivation and why you must be willing to rearrange your life around a goal if you want to succeed.

19:21 – Looking at goals as a brick wall will help you appreciate your efforts (and not sabotage your own progress).

22:11 – Why “not having time” is the lamest of excuses and why your hunger, and not your background, will take you to the top.

28:24 – Competing with yourself: not comparing yourself to others is relevant during your journey.

31:16 – How outside circumstances matter and why you should take advantage when they do happen.

37:44 – The importance of holding yourself accountable and how to deal with setbacks.

40:37 – Why your taste is more important than your natural talent and why things that come easy aren’t satisfying at all.

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From Underdog to Bulldog by Candler Cook

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Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell 

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