When hard times come to us, we must defend what is ours truly and do not let anyone take it away from us. We are living through a time that is hard for men to stay strong. That is why today’s guest speaks and writes about a topic we are not used to seeing anywhere these days: masculine philosophy and spirituality. Jack Donovan helps other men create an environment for men only, to make their own lives better through spirituality, without feeling vulnerable. As we end this upside-down year, this guy will share with us why women are not supposed to define masculinity, and males are not supposed to define femininity. 

Jack Donovan was raised in Pennsylvania and studied fine arts in New York. Over the past years, he has written amazing books like Becoming a Barbarian, and A More Complete Beast, his most recent work. His foundational book, The Way of Men has sold more than 100,000 copies and has been translated to French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish. Donovan also founded Brutal Company, an online shop that specializes in selling shirts with pagan artwork. He speaks at events, promotes and discusses masculinity and the challenges men have to face in the 21st Century. Jack created his own meaning in life, and he has taken advantage of it through the hard times we are currently living.

In this episode of Respect The Grind, we chat with Jack Donovan about the infiltration of females in organizations that used to be for men only, and the importance of men getting together and talking about masculinity. Meet this badass and discover why boys should be separated from girls during education and how to make biological differences disappear. It doesn’t matter how straightforward, politically incorrect a speech is, if it’s true and it’s changing the world, we must listen to it. If you are looking for a man to worship as a strong and powerful role model in your life, this episode is for you. 

Podcast Summary 

02:02 – Writing books, selling T-shirts and performing pagan rituals: Jack Donovan in a nutshell.

02:47 – How the world is afraid of free men and expects their moms to babysit them 24/7.

05:37 – Female infiltration and why men should not be competing against women.

07:44 – Why boys should be separated from girls during their education.

11:19 – Rituals and eternal ideas: the ritual space Jack created for men only. 

17:54 – The Way of Men and how Jack defined masculinity without wanting anyone’s approval.

23:30 – How circumstances affect your relationships with other men and how moral codes are the easiest to flip around. 

27:03 – Reasons why globalism has slowly killed man’s search for meaning and why you must still look for a belief system.

31:47 – Going back to basics and the importance of retelling old stories in an exciting way. 

36:27 – Why you don’t fuck with archetypes.

36:27 – On femininity and how increasing misplaced empathy is damaging our society.

45:20 – No homo, but men do want to worship other men. 

49:18 – How to get haters 101.

58:19 – Jack’s most popular essay and why violence will never disappear.

01:07:23 – A More Complete Beast: getting rid of the slave mindset.

01:13:38 – Why Jack is so attracted to paganism.

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