Have you ever taken a “personality test” meant to help you in business?
Like so many others, did you also feel like you were just meant to be entertained by the novelty of it?
Perhaps you’ve even heard of or taken some of these “tests”.
The most popular of which likes to assign you a series of letters to describe all that encompasses you, like TGIF or WTFH (as if you can be summed up that easily, ha).
Do you agree that it never really helped you earn more or achieve greater things?
It’s fascinating because these types of quizzes and assessments are so popular. Yet most studies show the subject never improves.
“The research out there says that [the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator] doesn’t predict behavior in a consistent way, and psychometrically, the way it’s constructed, is pretty odd,” says Ronald Riggio, who earned his PhD in Psychology. Adam Grant, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, has said “there’s just no evidence behind [the test,]” concluding that it carried no “predictive power” whatsoever.
All personality tests of this type are broken in the same exact way: it may be fun to see how the test labels you, but they don’t provide a lasting, meaningful improvement on your life.
Here’s why these tests fail:
  1. They are STATIC. They don’t account for progress over time. You simply get labeled and are doomed to wear their made-up label forever.
  2. They are NOT COMPREHENSIVE. They usually only test enough to get a mere glimpse into what you are capable of.
  3. They are INACCURATE. Studies show that these tests do not predict success.
  4. They are NOT HELPFUL. Most professional tests are well-disguised novelties more akin to horoscopes. They never help you improve or apply what’s in them because they are not meant to actually help you.
  5. They are OUTDATED. Most are based on Carl Jung’s research from 1923!
But most of all, these tests are broken because they focus too much on personality. Studies show the real contributing factor to business success is integrity.
That’s why I created the Wealth Potentials Assessment.
  • Fully comprehensive.
  • Accounts for progress over time.
  • Actually helps you achieve greatness.
You will learn more about yourself than you ever have. But more importantly, you’ll be able to unlock your true potential in a practical, real way.
If you have ever felt like there is something inside that is holding you back…
Or that you don’t know how to unleash your best self…
Then it’s time you tried something new. Something that works. And that is unique to you.
It’s time you discovered your true self. So you can thrive, not just survive.