If you are about to enter the real estate business, you better be aware of some things: nothing in life comes easy, not even flipping houses. You better start looking for the perfect real estate model for you, just like our today’s guest: Chris Grenzig got started in the real estate game the day he entered a house flipping course and not far from that day he realized he could make a lot of money out of a single property. Tune this episode and see how Chris went from being the Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach to become the Asset Manager of an Investment Company with over 3,100 units and more than $195 million in assets acquired. 

Chris Grenzig grew up in Long Island and moved to Brooklyn 2 years ago to get serious on the grind. After discovering the flipping model, Grenzig realized this was not the ideal real estate model for him. Later on, he found out about syndication and this suited his necessities in the perfect way. This guy knows there are only two ways to scale in real estate: whether you start making more deals, or you start making bigger deals. Finding the ideal real estate model may not be easy, but once you find something that was made for you, it all starts to make sense. According to Chris, all deals come from three sources: networking, marketing and negotiating. Without one of these, closing deals will be more difficult, that’s why Chris goes classic on doing phone calls as his primary strategy. 

In this episode, we will learn how elemental phone calls are not only to talk about business, but to build strong relationships with clients; why Chris spends literally hours a week nurturing his relationships through the phone, the importance of managing properties and the not so sweet parts of real estate. Ready to learn how to get results after putting all the effort into your body, mind, and soul? Listen to this episode as you invest in your professional and personal development and learn to Respect the Grind. 

Podcast Summary 

01:32 – It happens to the best of us: how Chris got started in real estate and struggled to find the ideal model for him.

07:48 – Why flipping houses was not Chris’ cup of tea.

11:26 – Chris developing his true potential in real estate syndication and why this model is a great example of scalability.

15:57 – Chris’s strategies to find massive deals and why you shouldn’t attempt to do your brokers’ job.

18:41 – The value of a phone call and how to build a strong business and personal relationships.

21:22 – On mobile homes and how a parking spot (and even dirt) can generate crazy cash flow.

27:06 – How Chris shares the pie and why these days it’s becoming a situation of being a landlord or die.

32:10 – Burning properties, hoarders, and piles of drugs, ammo and guns: the nightmare that is management.

34:35 – How 60% of investments come from regular people (and a brief rant on paperwork).

38:04 – How Chris can help you get started in real estate and how nothing in this life has rewards without effort.

43:14 – The importance of investing in yourself.

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Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman

Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless

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