As we enter a new decade, we must set spectacular and powerful goals. It’s obvious we can set goals at any time of our lives, but sometimes we need certain motivation to keep the tracks going. What better way to start a new year with an amazing example of goal achieving through the psychology of success? Our today’s guest has combined his passion for real estate investing with his own personal philosophy: goal setting, envisioning and manifesting success led him to become ‘One of America’s top real estate investment and high-performance life coaches’. Join us in this new Respect The Grind Episode and discover why Rod Khleif believes success depends from 80 to 90% in your mindset, and the other 10% relates to external factors. 

Khleif was born in Holland and migrated to the US when he was only 6 years old, to live with his mother and brother. Like most migrants, they didn’t have much, but Rod’s mom was able to buy a house and that was the time when Rod’s real estate curiosity was born. After getting his broker license, Rod managed to earn more than 17 million USD, and suddenly lose it all during the 2008 market crash. From great success to spectacular failures, Rod has built over 23 businesses in his 40 business career and he is convinced that if you write your goals down, it can be a lot easier for you to commit to them. He knows from great experience goals must be measurable in order to achieve them and that if you follow your passion, amazing things can happen to you. 

In this episode, we chat about Rod’s tough childhood, how to overcome hard times by changing your mindset and transform your life to build successful multi-million dollar businesses. Khleif opens up about how he learned the hard way that cash flow is more important than value. Also, goal setting key questions: what do you want to have, what do you want to do? What do you want to learn and who do you want to help? Learn the art of using powerful words and the positive impact they can have in your life. Stay with us in this episode as Rod Khleif tells us why, regardless of your situation, giving back can boost your success and can make you feel more fulfilled than anything else you’ve ever think of. 

Podcast Summary 

01:01- Rod’s tough childhood and how he got into the real estate business.

04:47 – Important lessons learned the hard way: why cash flow is more important than property value.

09:11 – It’s all about the mindset: Rod’s life-changing exercise (you can thank him later).

16:10 – The power of visualization: getting what you want by looking at pictures.

24:20 – How faith and a solid foundation set successful people apart from others.

32:00 – The crushing difference between success and fulfillment.

34:52 – The power of giving back and how doing it can boost your success

38:59 – How to know if he or she is the one the moment you meet them.

44:55 – How to put up with “ego death” and tough trials.

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Episode Resources

Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

Blink by Malcom Gladwell

Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

Traction by Gino Wickman

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

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