Chapter 7

Men Solve Problems; Video Games Solve Men

Men are wired to solve problems To men, they are a hammer, and every problem is a nail that must be whacked down. Women just want to talk about the nail and how they feel about it; men want to whack the nail. We don’t feel the need to constantly express our emotions or gossip with our fellow mates, we can watch a game of football or fix up a classic car in the garage without uttering a single word.

Video games do not serve a man’s purpose, and in that way, they are unmanly.

In this chapter of Hard Times Create Strong Men, Stefan opens up on his vast experience as a gamer and the huge toll it can take on your life. The fact is that gaming can is extremely addictive and detrimental thanks to its reward mechanisms and the very time-consuming nature of it. Think about all the things you could have done if instead of gaming, you were developing your own business or developing skill and mastery in an art form or as an athlete!

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