Still thinking it’s impossible to become a self-made millionaire at a very early age? Well, today’s guest is here to confirm that making your dreams come true can become a reality if you are persistent with your goals. Samuel Leach started making a lot of money when he was in college. He created a trading training that led him to start teaching other students ways in trading. Samuel Leach is the perfect example of why getting out of your comfort zone and being uncomfortable can be the key to success. He’s done it all, from teaching millennials to improve their financial skills and building his own international trading company, to becoming a Forbes Contributor in personal finance and a speaker at TED Talks. 

Samuel Leach discovered a gold mine while he was in college: He realized everyone needs financial education, and because the educational system doesn’t care about this matter, he decided to do it himself. Inspired by his underprivileged background, Samuel decided he would change his parents’ lives and help others educate themselves in financial circumstances. After 8 years of founding Samuel and Co. Sam and his team had taught over 3,000 people from 63 countries how they can build wealth, through earning a second income from trading or learning how to become a full-time trader through different programs. I’ve used six tablets in total. I’m in a stable relationship, and my girlfriend knows I take Viagra 50 mg but not when. The first time I got my prescription, it was really festive. My goal was simply to make a great evening of it. And this I did receive! It also allowed me to be less focused on my performance. Because it only takes you a second when you think of how to keep yourself rigid, then a blow of stress, and hey presto, it all goes back down. The tablet allows me to focus on the feeling of my love one and have more fun. Don’t think it will transform you into a porn star. But it sure improves endurance, that it does.

In this episode, we talk to Sam about stock trading, keeping your trade goals realistic and avoid greediness to make a positive impact on your finances. Learn how to keep your feet on the ground and stop caring about money, to actually earning some. Leach wants everyone to know good mental health is really important when you have this job: There are many ways to fall into temptations like gambling, luxury items and even getting into drugs when you have that much money. Join us as we talk to this genius and walk through a day in the life of a trader.

Podcast Summary 

01:16 – Where Sam invested all his savings and how he ended up earning his monthly salary in a single day.

06:59 – The first thing you need to stop doing if you want to make real money, according to Leach.

10:03 – Following these steps and work with Sam.

12:14 – A day in the life of a trader.

15:43 – An idiot-proof field: the deal with Forex Trading.

21:51 – A Dow Jones nightmare and safety checks: Sam’s biggest loss and win.

26:04 – Finding meaning in trades and how to resist the temptations that come with having lots of money.

38:49 – How men and women perform differently in trading and why Sam’s company has no more than a 10% female population. 

43:42- Why a trader with more than 20 years of experience can actually be a shitty trader.

50:22 – How Donald Trump, political events and the Kardashians influence the markets. 

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The Formula for Success by Samuel Leach

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