Confession #4

He Who Gives The Most Wins

Join Stefan Aarnio in this confession, where he shares meeting new people actually related to his own new passion (real estate), how he assisted to seminars, read real-estate material and books with the illusion of meeting the right person or finding the right opportunity.

“We would meet in basements around the city like resistance fighters fighting a common foe—our own fear, weaknesses, and ignorance. We met secretly to feel like we belonged to something special, perhaps an elite club, but in truth, we met secretly to connect with like-minded individuals and avoid the ridicule of our friends and families.”

By putting in action the wealth principle of “giving” instead of “taking”, Aarnio decided to push his theory to the limit and force himself to act in the opposite direction of his poverty mind. Learn how trying the opposite is one of the quickest ways to turn failure into success. 

Learn how Stefan Aarnio went from selling luxury hotel rooms over the telephone in the middle of the night, with a major in English and a minor in music, to know every rule of the game, and winning it. Click Here to purchase Self Made at an extremely discounted price for a limited time only!

What does it take to become a self-made millionaire?, What are the steps you have to take today achieve this dream?, Is it possible for you?

Many have wondered, few have succeeded…

Self Made: Confessions of a Twenty Something Self Made Millionaire follows the real life story of Stefan Aarnio (award winning real estate investor and entrepreneur) through the struggle of starting out with zero cash, zero credit and zero experience in his pursuit of financial freedom.