Confession #6

Knowledge is the Ticket Out of Poverty

Did you know an immigrant is four times more likely to become a millionaire than a native-born American? Shocking, isn’t it? Some people may wonder why immigrants are more likely to become millionaires, but we often forget that selling everything you own and packing up to move to a foreign land is the most entrepreneurial thing that anyone can do! 

“I decided that I would break out of my comfort zone, become educated in real estate and investing. The decision to change was painful and scary to think about: I had invested my entire life into something else and now it was time to throw it all away”. 

Walk with Aarnio as he confesses why one of the hallmarks of successful entrepreneurs is angst and how entrepreneur souls like yours are often idea factories, igniters and visionaries. Why should knowledge be your best leverage to escape poverty? Listen to this Confession of Self-Made and discover how $1000 a month of clear profit in a small side business can be equivalent to the net profit made at a real job after expenses like a car or work clothes.

Learn how Stefan Aarnio went from selling luxury hotel rooms over the telephone in the middle of the night, with a major in English and a minor in music, to know every rule of the game, and winning it. Click Here to purchase Self Made.

What does it take to become a self-made millionaire?, What are the steps you have to take today achieve this dream?, Is it possible for you?

Many have wondered, few have succeeded…

Self Made: Confessions of a Twenty Something Self Made Millionaire follows the real life story of Stefan Aarnio (award winning real estate investor and entrepreneur) through the struggle of starting out with zero cash, zero credit and zero experience in his pursuit of financial freedom.