We have officially entered the hard times Stefan Aarnio and so many others have been waiting for the longest time. Hard times create strong men, and the current crisis will start to form the strong men the world and the male culture are so desperately in need of. Our today’s guest knows everything about not only physical but mental and spiritual strength. Elliot Hulse was doing push-ups since he was very young and once he held a barbell in his hand he learned that with discipline, consistency, and effort he would be unstoppable.

Elliott Hulse is a strong man, strength coach, and father-figure to millions of men around the globe. He has created inspiring content for men in his YouTube Channel and Instagram page, as well as acclaimed strength and business-oriented programs for the male leaders who are ready to become kings. Elliot is passionate about helping, encouraging, and empowering men so they can reach their full potential. He is definitely not afraid to speak his mind and has built a large following while also earning people’s trust. 

Today’s guest is a badass, a true leader, and should be considered a role model by all the young men out there. In this episode, we will learn about the unavoidable historical cycles that rule mankind, the fall of the male culture, and the sabotaging of religion. In addition, discovering why society is in desperate need of strong male leaders, why young men should go through a tough rite of passage to man up, and learning how to get rid of pornography addiction in seconds. This talk is not cute, but worse times are around the corner. Political correctness is over, ladies and gentlemen, now buckle up!

Podcast Summary 

01:05 – Push-ups since kindergarten, fantastic genetics, and a barbell in hand: Elliott’s story and background.

04:00 – Inner game vs. outer game: how discipline builds not only a strong body but a strong character.

08:07 – Increasing numbers of single mothers and the lack of father figures.

10:53 – The 24-year-old crisis and why modern men need real rites of passage to feel full.

18:44 – The fall of the male culture, the slaughter of God and the lies of feminism.

29:28 – How strong leaders are meant to end political correctness.

32:09 – The unavoidable wars around the corner.

37:54 – The 250-year cycle, how to collapse a complete system with free things, and why printing money is a dumb idea.

47:08 – Insider trading and COVID-19, how the world will soon be out of the pan and into the fire.

50:53 – The porn pandemic and Elliott’s infallible method to free yourself from sex addiction.

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Episode Resources

Father Hunger by Douglas Wilson

The Way of Men by Jack Donovan

The Feminist Lie by Bob Lewis

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