Part 3.3

As we finish with the Counterintuitive Nature of the Upsell, Aarnio will narrate to you why he is a firm believer in highly precise language and execution through polished scripts for every single sales presentation he does. Ready to learn all about stock and standard closes and the difference between dealing with a hard closing process vs. a soft closing process? Also, one of the most powerful closing tools: the power of silence, the art of buying questions and the types of buying indicators like price and terms, details and delivery. In addition, Aarnio will walk you through the common types of objections, why all of them are the same at the end of the day, and last but not least, asking for referrals (they are free!).

The Close 7 Level Selling will give you all the tools you need to make your sales happen: testimonials, white papers, a published book, and the power of a video testimonial will all lead you towards the best deals you can imagine.

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Natural salespeople, all have two things in common: they 1) follow a natural framework for their sales presentation and 2) they all sound amazing. A great salesperson is a blend of mechanics and delivery which creates both a logical and emotional argument for the sale.

The Close lays out the framework, mechanics and delivery for the human mind so that you can effectively influence and persuade anyone regardless of your experience level. The Close provides a fresh new perspective on how to open the sale, present the value and close the sale using proven methods that have worked in all industries. Some of the techniques in this book have never been seen before and are so powerful that they could be used for tremendous good or evil if used by the wrong hands.