Chapter 8

Partnerships For Life

Lead generation can become very easily one of the biggest expenses for any business out there. It costs nearly seven times more dollars and effort to attract a new client than it does to sell to a pre-existing client. But the question to ask is: Why do most businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs focus mostly on trying to find new business than build on their pre-existing client base?

In this chapter of Money, People, Deal Stefan Aarnio shares with us a one-of-a-kind story of how, without planning it, he began to adopt the partners-for-life strategy that he learned from JT Foxx. Discover the Seth model and the different variations of it and take action! After this Money, People, Deal chapter you will have clarity of the people you know who could potentially invest with you.

“In life, it’s not what you know; it’s who you know that makes the difference. It is always the biggest partner’s responsibility to attract the new largest partner to the group because people with money know people with money.”

Learn what’s the easiest way to play the deal game in four steps, how to find investors, and why does “the money” love money people deal. Learn from Stefan Arnio how to invest in yourself so others invest in you:

For centuries, entrepreneurs have taken resources from different sources and have assembled them to create higher value. Great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and Donald Trump have all understood very clearly how to assemble Money, People and Deals together. The intellectual value that these men brought to their ventures was so great that they built their businesses by using none of their own money; this is the skill of the entrepreneur and the fastest way to wealth.