Chapter 10

Live As a Brand, or Die a Commodity

In every market, whether it’s electronics, food, real estate or clothing, Aarnio can assure you something: the market will always attempt to force every single company and product into a commodity. Why? Because commodities are price driven, like coffee or sugar, and the consumer always wants the lowest price. Stefan will show you how some businesses have done an amazing job of forcing most products into commodities. 

Learn in this episode why brands are complete opposites of commodities and the secrets to evolve from a company or person into a great brand and the golden question: How Does this company make you feel? From Starbucks and McDonald’s to Donald Trump, you will find our how they get visible in the market, their size and their brand equity. 

“Great brands are built over time and a brand can be defined in a few different ways. Great brands are the emotional experience that a customer gets from first contact all the way through the sales cycle, until the customer becomes a client and is retained for life”.

Learn what’s the easiest way to play the deal game in four steps, how to find investors, and why does “the money” love money people deal. Learn from Stefan Arnio how to invest in yourself so others invest in you:

For centuries, entrepreneurs have taken resources from different sources and have assembled them to create higher value. Great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Donald Trump have all understood very clearly how to assemble Money, People and Deals together. The intellectual value that these men brought to their ventures was so great that they built their businesses by using none of their own money; this is the skill of the entrepreneur and the fastest way to wealth.