Chapter 11

Paying the Price for Success

When people ask Stefan Aarnio, “How do I get into real estate investing?” He usually says “work for free”. That’s right, Stefan has built his career in real estate by using more than this first method (find out the rest of them inside this chapter).

In this chapter of Money, People, Deal, you will find out three methods to get ahead in this world: work for free, pay for training or try to succeed alone and make your own mistakes. Find out how humans have learned skills from a master-and-apprentice type of relationships throughout history and what to do when considering taking on deal partners, contractors, assistants, designers, or anyone onto your team.

“Working for free is the litmus test for finding a winner and weeding out the losers. A winner will persist; a loser will give up after a few hours”.

Learn what’s the easiest way to play the deal game in four steps, how to find investors, and why does “the money” love money people deal. Learn from Stefan Arnio how to invest in yourself so others invest in you:

For centuries, entrepreneurs have taken resources from different sources and have assembled them to create higher value. Great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Donald Trump have all understood very clearly how to assemble Money, People and Deals together. The intellectual value that these men brought to their ventures was so great that they built their businesses by using none of their own money; this is the skill of the entrepreneur and the fastest way to wealth.