Chapter 18

Rampant Homosexuality: The Pink Elephant In The Room

In the modern times, homosexuality has been normalized and widely accepted by the majority of society. Homosexuality has been a constant throughout history, going as far back as ancient times, and yet it is still important to sit down and think about how it has impacted civilizations. Are we born gay or made gay? Or in reality, are men just “prison gay”? Nature, numbers, leaders; multiple factors develop a very important role when it comes to homosexuality.

In today’s chapter you’ll find a detailed, unbiased analysis on this controversial topic. From ancient Rome to the modern Western culture, sex, religion, women, family; Stefan Aarnio compiles his thoughts and takes on homosexual pair-bonds. We highly suggest you to sit down and listen with an open mind, this chapter is packed with data, ideas and opinions that aren’t necessarily suitable for close minded people and/or snowflakes. But in the end, it all comes down to what you, as a man, will choose.

“Men choosing other men over women leaves a group with no future, no women, no families, and no children. This is a plan for depopulation and self-inflicted extinction.”

Hard times create strong men, and weak men create hard times. It is the inevitable cycle of life where great empires are built and destroyed. Unfortunately, millennials are currently living in the era of weak men that drown in ephemeral pleasure and limited desires. However, strength and greatness are determined by one’s self, and so this is the best time to seize everything you have ever wanted!