Confession #20

Your Dream Can Become a Nightmare.

Stefan Aarnio landed any real estate agent’s dream and had basically hit the jackpot. He was just months away from transforming the worst house on the block into the best house in the neighborhood. This project promised Stefan nothing but success and a monthly income, until it was time to ask for the building permit. Working with the city administration in any city can be frustrating, but for Stefan, it was excruciating. 

In this episode, you’ll learn about the importance of leaving the pros’ work to the pros and how to know when you need a financial intervention before your mother calls you out. From a delayed project to bleeding credit cards, this episode will definitely show you where you don’t want to end up. Are you still avoiding looking at your bank account?

“I had 2 mortgages, a car loan and only a few thousand dollars in my checking account. I had no job, and no income. In 90 days I would be bankrupt and financially dead if I didn’t get this deal finished.”

Learn how Stefan Aarnio went from selling luxury hotel rooms over the telephone in the middle of the night, with a major in English and a minor in music, to know every rule of the game, and winning it. Enter:

What does it take to become a self-made millionaire?

What are the steps you have to take today to achieve this dream?

Is it possible for you?

Many have wondered, few have succeeded…

Self Made: Confessions of a Twenty Something Self Made Millionaire follows the real life story of Stefan Aarnio (award winning real estate investor and entrepreneur) through the struggle of starting out with zero cash, zero credit and zero experience in his pursuit of financial freedom.