Chapter 24

Native American Genocide – British Style Versus American Style.

What’s the major difference between the genocides of the Native American from the now US and Canadian territories? The first were slaughtered and wiped out, the latter were left “alive” with their broken spirits, and doomed to subversion. Subverted communities have by far a worse time than nuked ones, and only one of them has a true chance of rebuilding their philosophies, values and beliefs.

Subversion is happening every day all around the world, but it is an invisible force, not something you can see. Unfortunately, man has trouble fighting an invisible enemy. As an effective war tactic, subversion has in fact been taking place in America since the 1960s. Do not take it lightly, since it is even more destructive than an atom bomb. It is our chance to decide to fight it now or succumb to it and fall like all the greatest empires did before us. 

“Technology may change, but human nature does not. Subversion was an ancient tactic back then and is still being used today. To deny the subversion of Western culture today is foolish and ignorant.”

Hard times create strong men, and weak men create hard times. It is the inevitable cycle of life where great empires are built and destroyed. Unfortunately, millennials are currently living in the era of weak men that drown in ephemeral pleasure and limited desires. However, strength and greatness are determined by one’s self, and so this is the best time to seize everything you have ever wanted!