Chapter 25

New God — “Science” Worthless Academia.

All the systems that exist in today’s world are broken and obsolete. The education system is no exception and it may even be the worst of the bunch. Outdated teachings, useless degrees and a model that enslaves everyone that enters the system makes education a corrupt and rotten place. 

The world has changed and evolved at an exponential pace in the last couple of decades, yet we’re still glorifying the education models that were relevant around 1930. Entire generations are still being sent to buildings to kill their creativity and prime and train them to become brain-dead slaves. Mentors, coaching and self-learning are not the future, but the present of education. 

“Masters and apprentices, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, mentors and mentees, and coaches—that is how knowledge is practically transferred throughout generations. Today, our classrooms and universities are mostly obsolete and broken.”

Hard times create strong men, and weak men create hard times. It is the inevitable cycle of life where great empires are built and destroyed. Unfortunately, millennials are currently living in the era of weak men that drown in ephemeral pleasure and limited desires. However, strength and greatness are determined by one’s self, and so this is the best time to seize everything you have ever wanted!