Chapter 27

In the Land of the Blind – Men Can No Longer See Their Enemies.

In today’s society, men are forced to go with the masses like brainless sheep. Today, men are judged and oppressed for questioning things. If he questions people of the same sex getting married, he’s a homofobe, if he questions a woman, he’s sexist and if he supports barriers separating nations, he is a xenofobe. What most people don’t realize is that going with the flow and not questioning things is how America has been digging its own grave. 

In this episode, Stefan Aarnio explains why democracies are the true silent killers in nations, and why they shouldn’t last forever. America is weaker every day, and today’s now celebrated tolerance will be our future regret. Sure, politicians love democracy, because poor people won’t ask much for their votes. Are you willing to start questioning things, or conform with bread and circus?

“Politics has become a subversive force silencing the men who can defend the tribe from external attackers or invaders.”

Hard times create strong men, and weak men create hard times. It is the inevitable cycle of life where great empires are built and destroyed. Unfortunately, millennials are currently living in the era of weak men that drown in ephemeral pleasure and limited desires. However, strength and greatness are determined by one’s self, and so this is the best time to seize everything you have ever wanted!