Chapter 28

Fundamentals Vs. Technicals and Cash Vs. Cash Flow.

In investing, there are two major schools of thought: fundamental investors and technical traders. Both strategies can be successful, and both can make a lot of money. Both strategies should be used together to create cash both immediately and in the future.

In this chapter of Money, People, Deal, you will learn the basics of the investment strategies used in real estate, while Stefan Aarnio shares his own strategies and advice. Always pay close attention to the customers, specifically the loaded ones. Determine the strategy that suits you best and begin assembling your team!

“The beauty with real estate is that there is something for everyone and the more creative you get with a strategy (generally), the more money you can make.”

For centuries, entrepreneurs have taken resources from different sources and have assembled them to create higher value. Learn from Stefan Aarnio the rules of the deal game, how to change your mindset and who you have to become to succeed and the art of Money, People and Deal. Invest in yourself so others invest in you at: