Chapter 29

Why Morons Get Rich and Geniuses Die Broke – The Six Profit Centers of Real Estate.

Why do so many smart, educated “A” students with high-priced aducations struggle to make a living while total morons can win big profits in real estate? Stefan Aarnio thinks real estate is one of the few industries where investors or owners can be absolute morons and still win. The answer to the question has to do more with the industry and less with the individual and his traits. 

In this chapter of Money, People, Deal, you will learn about the six natural profit centers of real estate. While other industries can only profit through a single center, in real estate there are six different ways in which you can make money come your way. Get inspired and ready to take action, who knows? Maybe you’ll hit the jackpot on your next deal. 

“It’s always easier to be on the outside of the market wishing you were in than to be on the inside wishing you were out.”

For centuries, entrepreneurs have taken resources from different sources and have assembled them to create higher value. Learn from Stefan Aarnio the rules of the deal game, how to change your mindset and who you have to become to succeed and the art of Money, People and Deal. Invest in yourself so others invest in you at: