Chapter 31

Why Fast Wins and Slow Loses in the Market.

Speed is a virtue in all arenas and it is a key to victory. In the wild and in business, it takes to be fastest to be at the top. In real estate investing, speed marks the biggest difference between a novice, an intermediate and an advance investor.

In this chapter of Money, People, Deal, Stefan Aarnio breaks down the models and strategies he prefers in his real estate career. From wholesaling to buy-fix-sell, you’ll learn all about fast strategies to stop wasting your most important currency: time. Hop on and leave the slow, “residual” businesses behind.

“Money can be manipulated and recreated if it is lost; Time is lost forever when wasted, and it is the real limiting factor in any business.”

For centuries, entrepreneurs have taken resources from different sources and have assembled them to create higher value. Learn from Stefan Aarnio the rules of the deal game, how to change your mindset and who you have to become to succeed and the art of Money, People and Deal. Invest in yourself so others invest in you at: