Lessons From My First “Rude Awakening”

Savage. That’s what he ate his food like: a savage.

He wore sunglasses inside, too.

Picked at his pizza with his bare hands and thought he looked cool doing it.

All I could think for that moment was, “have I just wasted $10,000 and 3 days?”

You see, you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but the “Savage In Sunglasses” I was having lunch with was one of the most successful (and downright ruthless) real estate investors in Chicago.

He was my first real estate coach.

I had done deals before meeting him, but I didn’t “get” real estate in the way he, and other A-Players, did.

It was from him that I learned about the 5 stages of real estate investor evolution (and it was him who corrected my biggest mistakes both in strategy and my mindset).

Still, though, he was a savage when it came to pizza.


…his future was, in fact, so bright that he did have to wear shades even if he was indoors (at least that’s the excuse I made for him).

Turns out, not a dime of my money or second of my time was wasted!

Here’s what I learned (save this post because this is the good stuff):

Easiest way to get started in real estate from nothing, still get paid, and “earn while you learn” is to be what’s called a “bird dog”.You see, a bird dog “sniffs” our deals then passes them on to other investors, then get paid per lead or even more if the deal goes through (typically, this is about $500). I know many bird dogs who built a great real estate business without ever buying a house.

Surprisingly, you don’t need to buy a house to get into the $5,000 to $15,000 per deal range. “Wholesaling” is the next step up from bird dogging and only requires that you can negotiate well and put the property “under contract”, then “flip” the contract.

Remodeling a house to put on the retail market can double those numbers (and more)! But the process is nothing like you see on TV. Watch closely and you’ll realize that reality TV shows never show you where to capital came from. Stars of those shows can purchase properties “on demand” more than one at a time. Follow the money and you’ll never have to deal with shady contractors or nightmare “house rehabs”.

Don’t worry, if you are new to real estate or still trying to “wrap your head” around the details I can help…

But you won’t have to invest $10,000 like I did.

I’d like to meet you, in person, and train you for free.

Yes, there’s a catch, but I think you’ll like it: Just prove to me that you are serious about your future and I’ll give you and your spouse or business partner LIVE training, “on me”. And proving you’re serious is not hard.

How do you prove you’re serious?

Just let me get you “up to speed”. That’s all.

Let me map out all the mistakes I made so you can avoid them (and have the best chance of succeeding).

Prove to me I’m not wasting my training and time on you.

Read my new “manifesto” and let me show you what the world of real estate investing is REALLY like so you know what you are in for before we begin.

That’s all I ask — that’s the “catch”.

You’ll get in-person training with me AND I’m throwing in $350 in extra “goodies” as well.

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Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio

P.S. Please understand, I can’t do this for everyone and don’t know how long I can offer free live training. So take this seriously and don’t let it pass you by.

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