Passion Is Awesome. Being Irrational Is Not.

Never, ever ever, invest with emotion.

Sure, you can be passionate about your business…

…but never become emotionally attached.

You don’t necessarily have to be “cold” — just be LOGICAL.

This advice alone will save you money, time, and heartache.

For instance:

Let’s say you had a “deal” in front of you. The person who brought it to you is giving you a great pitch: “it’s a perfect neighborhood, cash flow potential is high, blah blah blah”.

Your emotions might tell you to be afraid (which could lose you all the upside).

Or, your emotions might give you the feeling of lust (but foolish haste could cost you dearly).

Neither is right or wrong — “feelings” don’t change the numbers of a deal: there’s either a healthy margin and a clean exit, or there isn’t.

Sadly, most new investors (and even many veteran pros) will make a decision based on their emotions…

…and rationalize their failure later with excuses.

Logic, is of course, the only cure to this problem.

Why, then, do so many investors still make this mistake?

Answer is: it’s hard to be logical if you’ve never done it before.

Think about it this way:

Same deal comes from the same guy with the same pitch, but THIS time you feel like you’ve heard it all before, it’s not “fresh and strange” and activating your heart and gut…

…now your brain is working differently, your “logic” steps in to do two things for you…

First, it’s guarding your heart from failure.

Second, it’s scanning the data (the numbers of the deal) to find valuable info that could benefit you.

See, if you know all the potential dangers, and you know all the potential upside in hard facts, and you have the benefit of “hearing the story” before, then your logic kicks in automatically.

I can help you accomplish this (even if you have never done a deal before or are brand new to real estate).

It’s simple…

I’ve compiled all my worst mistakes (and greatest success) into a manifesto with 33 raw confessions and 160+ practical tips for new (and experienced) investors.

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Be logical: you want to improve your life and future, right? You know that real estate and an “investment mindset” is the proven way to go. But do you really want to get anywhere near a potential risky deal without knowing what you are in for down the line?

Don’t you want an expert to tell you what could happen (in a fun way that does not confuse you)?

Logically, you’d at least want to hear what happens into most cases before you dove in.

Here’s some examples…

  • Why you should avoid “sexy” deals (ya, they SEEM fun and profitable, but rarely are, check out page #152)
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  • My 9 steps to early retirement on (pages #115-116)
  • It’s surprisingly easy to raise money for deal if you know what to say (I’ll show the line I used to raise funds from dentists, grandmas, and more on page #113)
  • When it comes to contractors “3” is the magic number (I learned this the hard way — you’ll find out the easy way on page #122
  • I skipped 3 vital steps on my journey and it cost me time, money, and happiness (you’ll discover which steps never to skip on page #156)
  • 4 secrets I wish someone had told me sooner (page #163)

There’s A LOT more you need to know if you are going to get serious about your future and it’s ALL IN THE MANIFESTO!

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But you need to get serious now

…because there’s something you should know…



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Not even kidding.


…I’m shutting this down very soon (I’m only one man and cannot train everyone in person, this is for fast action takers only)!

It’s only logical you at least sit down with the manifesto.

But only if you are serious…

…and logical.

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Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio

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