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For real estate entrepreneurs (at ANY experience level) seeking to launch or rapidly expand your business WITHOUT using your own funds…

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“I’m so confident you can RAISE ALL THE MOENY you need for your deals with what’s inside my BLACK BOX, that i created the $100,000 challenge backed by an IRON-CLAD guarantee that you have to see to Believe!”

This “$100K Challenge Boxset” Contains The Secret Behind How I Raised Over $5,000,000 And Helped My Students Launch Six-Figure Real Estate Businesses (All Without Using Their Own Cash Or Credit)…

Fellow Real Estate Entrepreneur,

Are you struggling to find the funding to consistently do deals and expand your business?

Are you still trying to figure out how to get your first deal done without using your own cash or credit on a property and remodeling project?

Are you sick of using risky and expensive funding sources?

Then this could be the most important message you’ve read in your life.

Because you’re about to discover how to take advantage of a rare opportunity that will not only help you overcome your #1 biggest challenge: deal funding…

…but also let you get started down a path towards a six-figure (or MORE) real estate business

…with my personal help and armed with the exact tools I use so you can do deals without using your own funds

You won’t find a faster, easier or more affordable system for funding your deals anywhere and it all fits in a mysterious, but dangerously effective, “black box” (more on this later, so keep reading EVERY word of this letter)

But first let me explain…


Doing real estate deals with one of your own funds, or what some call “no money down” has always been clouded by myths and misconceptions.

From negative media about the economy to so-called “gurus” trying to sell you fads…there’s a lot of “know-it-alls” talking the talk, but who have never walked the walk.

Of course, there are certain markets that are facing serious challenges…

And some others that I have heard referred to as “bubbles”…

But a savvy capital-raising strategist knows how to create opportunities in all types of scenarios.

Here’s the reality: there is more money chasing deals than there are deals — you just have to tap into it. 

The “black box” can help you do just that: tap into on-demand funding.

Even better, you can master it pretty quickly (IF you follow the simple, step-by-step system inside the “black box”).

And it’s simple, too (once you’ve unleashed the power of the“black box”).


I’m about to reveal exactly what you’re getting when you take action today…

…and the special offer you’d be insane to refuse that ANYONE serious about their financial future can afford…

…BUT, please know, I can’t do this for everyone.

Here’s what’s up: because this exclusive offer includes access to a brand new, private event…and because you will have an opportunity to get one-on-one help from my A-Team…this will be a limited time offer!

“What’s Inside?

1. Step-By-Step investor presentation you can follow

2. Professional sample contracts you can use to inspire trust

3. Recording of live training others paid $3,000 to attend

4. The Five Million Dollar AUDIO Book CDs

5. Scripts, Fund Calculator, 12 Month Road Map, and MORE…

When you take action today you’ll get the Capital Raising System Box Set shipped to you right away so you can learn to apply my system to your own business and have your deals (or next great business) funded without using your own cash. You’ll also get access to the digital version of the training so you can start from home now (people paid $3,000 to attend this training when I hosted it live).