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In “The Ten Commandments of Negotiation” you’ll discover

  • Creative Negotiation:
    • There are many ways to create a scenario that helps you profit more without being unethical or pushy.
  • Real World examples:
    • Strategies and tactics in the book are reinforced by examples you can easily follow so you are never left with only the theories. Apply valuable tips you discover quickly like…
  • Ways to increase your chances of getting a good deal:
    • Learn the steps that myself and others have taken to ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of!
  • How to properly position yourself:
    • Get your offers accepted quickly and reduce your chances of failing
  • The psychology behind negotiations
    • There are little known truths that every top negotiator has at their fingertips
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There’s “money in the margins” that you keep leaving on the table. Not just in real estate, but in nearly ALL aspects of your life. This book will help you make more money (and get your time back) without being pushy, “salesy”, or unethical.

Page reveals!

The right way to present a convincing ultimatum without “flinching” (page 188).

Mastering the “wild card” tactics of Julius Caesar for maximum effect in any deal (page 183).

Becoming a real-life “puppet master” (page 181)to get what you want out of any situation.

Eliminate desperation! How to negotiate without coming off as “needy” (page 170).

How to “over-ride” the brain (page 165) to overcome “let me think about it” objections.

The $20,000 “Decoy Gambit” you can use for maximum leverage in any deal (page 163).

How to skip unwanted verbal haggling and avoid stress (page 159).

Practical insight about “small print” from Donald Trump’s top business advisor (page 157).

Using the power of “positioning” (page 155) to get your offers accepted quickly.

How to perfectly counter a Realtor taught with a real life example (page 148).

Harness the power of The 4 Levels of Exchange (page 144) to gain and hold the advantage.

How to easily walk away from any deal (page 142) with total peace of mind.

Priceless wisdom behind the $9,999.00 hammer-whack (page 139).

How to finally stop being taken advantage of (page 135)!

How to use “feelings” to save $10,000 in practically any real estate deal (page 133).

Little-known truth behind “Playing Hard To Get” and how it really works (page 131).

Intimidation and punishment for beginners (page 2018 — don’t worry, it’s fun).

How to become a “Neutral 3rd Party” (page 124) to finally break any deadlocks.

How to bypass gate-keepers and time wasters with confidence (page 117).

Creative tips for dealing with contractorsduring “hot” situations (page 115).