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In “The Close: 7 Level Selling” you’ll discover

  • The hidden language of selling and the 7 Levels of Agreement and learn to use them to rapidly boost sales. You’ll also master storytelling so you will sell easily to anyone (without being pushy or in-authentic).
  • You’ll get simple, step-by-step instructions on how to master the Art Of “The Close” so you (or your sales team) can rinse and repeat this very profitable process.
  • Even if you are new to selling (or think you would not be good at it) this book will show you the proven methods to becoming a TOP 1% SALES PERSON fast
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From Award-Winning Investor Stefan Aarnio


by Stefan Aarnio

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The Close 7 Seven Level Selling

Page Reveals

First Page

What can Colonel Sanders, Christopher Columbus, The Beatles, Stalin, and Gandhi teach you about sales? Turn to page 1 to find out!

Page 13

How to use the “7 Levels of Agreement” to ethically get what you want out of any deal or relationship.

Page 142

How to deal with prospects who have more power or status than you

Page 114

The exact things you must do to create a $270,000 annual earnings.

Page 106

The top 5 proven sources of great leads (page 106)

Page 84

Creating legitimacy even if you are brand new to your market

Scripts on page 60

How to get prospects “off the fence”

Page 18

How to move from small-talk to deeper conversations that create connections

Page 25

Sales presentation secrets that actually close deals

Open the book to page 2

What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ray Kroc, and Oprah have in common that you can use for your own success?

Page 44

The pricing dilemma solved

Miss This & Your Deal is Dead!

The exact script you should use before a presentation on page 46 (miss this and your deal is dead)

Page 47

The 2 “secret weapons” of great salespeople that will increase sales and save time.

Page 2 - 3

Why sales can be the best job in the world for you (page 2-3)

See Why On Page 3

How sales is actually honorable and humble unlike the myths most people believe.

Page 4

The 4 step path to getting rich in today’s World even if you are starting from nothing.

Discover Page 5

Sales is now part of a new trinity that creates massive profits, but you can’t miss any of the other 2 new elements or you’ll fail.

The war between Disney and Netflix can teach you a hard lesson about sales.

Sell Against The Machine? Find out how to keep your future secure in the dawn of A.I.


Discover Page 6

Philosophical truths about selling that will enlighten you in surprising ways .

Warren Buffet and Zappos share a secret to easy sales that anyone can use to close more deals now

Uncover it On Page 7

The major difference between negotiating and selling that most people don’t know.

Whats School & Parents Left Out Page 8

Modern commerce will drive certain types of selling to extinction.

Your success in life is directly correlated to one thing no one ever talks about

Hint: its Based On 6 Things, See Them All On Page 9

The language of selling is often misunderstood but you’ll finally get clarity.

Page 11

You’ve never heard of him, but Dr.Emoto will show you how to “hypnotize” prospects with good feelings.

Page 13 - 19

Are facts effective sales tools? Or are they barely important? The debate is over, see who won on page 13!

How to create rapport and build connection with your prospects on Page 14

Hopes and dreams are worthless — unless you know how to use them. see how on page 19.

Page 20

Failure and weakness can actually help you close the deal, but only if you know how to express them properly.

Page 22 - 28

See an actual script used to create powerful connections and boost sales on Page 22.

How to structure any negotiation for maximum profits on page 26.

How to use “The Curve” to captivate audiences with your sales presentation on page 28.

List of Words To Avoid

Use any of these words during a presentation or call and your chances of closing drop through the floor.

Effective Communication

Only 8% of what you communicate to prospects is done through words (see what the other 92% is on page 31 — it’s probably not what you think)

Page 32 - 33

How the brain of your prospect actually works and how to bypass its defense mechanisms.

How to influence people using 10 very simple techniques (this might be the most important strategy in the book, turn ti page 33 to unlock it.

Page 34 - 37

Enter your prospects subconscious mind to effortlessly influence them on page 34.

Hot buttons you can press on your prospects that inspire trust, gain confidence, and close deals on page 36

The “features and benefits” mistake that kills every deal on page 37.

Page 38 - 48

How to discover your prospect’s “personality style” and use it for easier, better sales on page 38

Analyzing and diagnosing your prospect quickly in a way that establishes YOU as the expert revealed on page 42

Stop pitching anything as a product or service! See what works much better on page 43

The 3 best types of content you must produce to maximize sales and attract prospects (page 48)

Page 51 - 56

You don’t need a Hollywood budget and crew to make compelling videos anymore (see how to use video for massive sales boosts on page 51)

How to create momentum to the deals virtually closes itself (page 51)

Review an actual script from a proven high-ticket sales process on page 52

Closing the deal made easy even for new salespeople with the “7-Level Lockdown System” (55)

What the “Three Tens” are and how the can make or break your deals (page 56)

Page 63 - 73

You’ll have to sell more than just yourself to close deals (see what and how on page 63)

Using emotions in sales without being fake or cheesy (page 66)

How to get prospects off the fence without pressure (page 67)

Massively increase sales without needing more customers (page 68)

How to handle objections with ease and confidence (page 69)

The 12 types of closes and when to use them (page 72)

When to use hard vs soft closing (page 73)

Page 75 - 80

How to say more with less for maximum impact (page 75)

How to handle any question your prospect might throw at you (page 76)

The art of asking for referrals made easy (page 79)

How to increase your power in any situation (learn 8 ways on page 80)

Page 83 - 103

A little trick best-selling authors use to inspire respect (page 83).

The power of “punishment” on page 90 (don’t worry, it’s not harsh).

What The Pope and Zappos have in common and how you can use it for your own boost in sales (page 93).

How to be more charismatic even if you’re a little nervous (page 95).

Secrets about appointment setting top closer know but you don’t (page 103).

Page 104 - 116

How to join the top 1% of salespeople (page 104).

Marketing tips for finding new customers (page 108).

Outbound call secrets of the top 1% of salespeople (page 110).

Time-management and the ideal sales day mapped out (page 111).

Most salespeople never survive this 1 thing (see what it is and how to overcome it on page 116).

Page 122

How to craft your image to appear like a trusted expert who commands respect and closes deals.

Page 129

What is “sales choreography” and how to use it correctly.

Page 132

How buyers actually make decisions (its not what you think, see the truth on page 132.

Page 131

How to know who NOT to sell to discover the 4 signs on page 131.

Page 133 - 138

The best types of sales positions (page 133).

How to spot and improve the top 3 traits of successful salespeople (page 136).

Fear can be useful IF you know how to use it (see the right way on page 138).

Page 117 - 121

Secrets of branding, marketing, and sales most salespeople never discover (page 117).

How to market correctly for the perfectly qualified leads (page 121).