Chapter 2

The Fastest Way To Real Estate Wealth

Stefan started investing at 22. He had no cash, no credit, and most importantly, no credibility of any kind when he started. On his own, he had to learn the skills required to play the game around Money People. “I was a punk kid who had taken two thousand dollars worth of real estate seminars and had to make the dream happen.”

Discover the 3 major ingredients of putting a real estate deal together: 

The first and most important ingredient is money. Every entrepreneur needs money to start a business. After the money, comes the people; the team that will run and operate the business. Whether is a lemonade stand or building an apartment complex, people often represent the management and the technical knowledge of the business. Lastly, the third ingredient: “the deal”. A deal can be anything from a traditional business to patented gadgets. However, Money People Deal will focus on real estate as the deal, that is the most valuable part of the business. 

“A good deal can be like a magnet quickly attracting the people and the money to get the deal done. In contrast, a bad deal can be impossible to fund.”

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For centuries, entrepreneurs have taken resources from different sources and have assembled them to create higher value. Great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Donald Trump have all understood very clearly how to assemble Money, People and Deals together. The intellectual value that these men brought to their ventures was so great that they built their businesses by using none of their own money; this is the skill of the entrepreneur and the fastest way to wealth.