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From Award-Winning Investor Stefan Aarnio

“Controversial Manifesto Reveals How To Become A Self Made Entrepreneur (Even If You Are Starting From Nothing, Like I Did)”

What You Will Find Inside this Book?

Page Reveals


The single fastest way to wealth if you have NO money & NO real estate skills (yes, it’s still possible, with the power of “joint ventures”).

SAD FACT on Pg 28:

$2 Million at 55 is NOT enough to retire (sound crazy? meet the lady it happened to)! Don’t worry! I will show you how to avoid this by building wealth even if you are starting with no money for properties.


The secret I learned from Bill Gates that can give you a totally FREE education and grow your network of influential insiders from nothing (this is 100% effective and you can start using it immediately).


My system is so fool-proof you only need 2/3 of it running to make money and I’ll prove it on page 19.


There is a double-edged sword hidden in “The 3 Pillars of High Achievement” (it’s highly controversial but vital to your success, I’ll make sure you leverage it the right way).


Why your “nest egg” mentality will leave you broke (and what RRSPs/401Ks & Mutual Fund Brokers hope you keep getting WRONG — I’ll show you how to get it right).

Re-Read Page 44

MONEY PEOPLE DEAL can radically change your life even if you are brand new to real estate(you’ll want tore-read page 44a few times for my 10 Ways To Become A Real Estate Insider).MONEY PEOPLE DEAL can radically change your life even if you are brand new to real estate (you’ll want to re-read page 44a few times for my 10 Ways To Become A Real Estate Insider).

And veteran pros will appreciate refreshing new insights (skip to page 125 for The 21 Exact Steps I Take To Put Money, People, & Deals Together, rip it out, and frame it).

Pages 31-34

A simple test you can take to see how good you are at the 7 essential skills of raising money for deals (pages 31-34).

Pages 68-74

How to build a brand so you can create prestige, influence, and leave a legacy.


“Read What Others Are saying About”

Money People Deal

“I read a lot of books on business, investing, and real estate and this one is filled with so many useful insights that a lot of other books leave out! A must read for the wealth-builder. It is not redundant, it just focuses on the facts which is why I like it so much.”


– Jason M. Gordon

“Stefan is a Real Estate Pitbull who is dedicated to helping individuals make sound, smart and profitable investment decisions.


– Matt Wozniak, Mortgage Broker

“Stefan is very creative and skilled at making any real estate deal successful. He always finds a way to create a win-win situation for everyone.”


– Mackenzie Dovidijia, Real Estate Investor and JV-Partner

“Awesome read for entrepreneurs and investors alike.”


– Shawna Thompson